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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where the Path Takes You

I completed a 30-day nature challenge a while back.  I blogged about my journey and lessons learned. The number one take away was that when I connect to nature on a daily basis, I am grounded and balanced.  When I do not, I start to teeter and spin my wheels more.  Being in nature every day is part of my wellness.  I had no idea this nature challenge would be the beginning of a path for me, though.

Last week, I had my energy read by an amazing energy reader, Christa Steeves.  Without knowing much about me at all, she mentioned this need for connecting to nature daily.  She also said things about the path I'm heading into that amazed me and, not only have been guiding me, but when I make decisions based on this guide, I feel good!  The path was not specified exactly, but it was clear that the challenges I've been facing in my business were challenges because I was on the wrong path.

Wellness is a path.  It changes direction.  There are a lot of stumps and bumps along the way.  Other paths lead into the right path - sometimes you end up on the wrong path.  You reach your destinations/goals and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Holistic wellness is far more than your physical health.  That seems to be a common first step for people because physical symptoms appear when there are other root issues at play.  Many treat the the physical symptom and never consider much about the holistic nature of wellness.  In my professional life, I help businesses uncover the root causes of business challenges that really are symptoms of something else.  We get at the 'truth'.  Then we 'create' a plan to address the issues. 'Understanding' of what it takes to progress and resolve the issues comes as we implement the plan.  Finally... a 'transformation' occurs.  A positive change happens.  Leader, business, and individual success follows.

Taking care of your wellness is like that too.  It's a journey.  To get at the truth, it takes more than a simple knowing you have to lose weight or you have to get the pain in your knee fixed.  For true wellness in life, you dig.  You ask the hard questions.  You may not see the truth until you really are ready to commit to changing your perspective, your habits, your life.  When you see the truth, the right path will take you to the right place.  And you will transform in amazing ways.

My path is leading more and more towards wellness.  I have gotten involved with an amazing group of women at FarOut Fitness, which has given me a venue for taking care of my physical wellness.  This group also satisfies part of my social need.  But, what I didn't realize when I got involved, was that being involved with this group would catapult my return to an old path of health and wellness in serving others.  And that would be part of my own healing and holistic wellness.

I have offered my first wellness coaching session as a donation to FarOut Fitness.  I believe that, like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to create happy, healthy, loving people.  We give.  We receive.


Tina Pomroy is a Business and Leadership Coach and Mentor, bringing mindfulness to business.  She also provides coaching and mentoring in wellness, parenting, and career development.  You can contact Tina at 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Asked. I Am Hearing.

OK, so if you've been following me, you probably know that I have another blog, Company Om.  Last year, I started a business.  In a nutshell, I help leaders, managers, and business owners overcome challenges, be more successful in their jobs and lives, and address people and relationship challenges in organizations. I use a mindful and holistic approach.

While developing and growing this business (still developing and growing!) I asked the universe for direction.  I asked the universe to help me know the signs.  I asked for guidance when I reached frustration or lack of knowledge about what to do next - this constantly happens but I've only recently started asking for help.

And I'm listening now.  And I think I hear.

Almost every client I coach on leadership, career development, or business has a need to find balance in his or her own personal life first.  This often involves physical health, emotional health, relationships, identifying passions, and making time for self.  Yeah - it's wellness.

I've ALWAYS been an advocate for holistic wellness.  I have preached to my own team and family that we need to take care of all the spokes on the wheel - physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual - in order to be truly healthy.  I believe in using natural remedies before turning to medicines (don't get me wrong, I love that medicine can cure cancer and give someone a mechanical heart... soon anyway).  I believe attitude and mind management have a HUGE impact on our physical health.  And I've talked about and debated these topics and encouraged family, friends, clients, and those I lead to try these ideas on too.

And the world is changing.  My belief system isn't so wonky anymore.  I am surrounded by people and organizations that have the same beliefs!  I am loving it!

When I was 20, I started my Dietetics degree.  When our class toured the facility in a local hospital and I saw that the Dietitians were creating diets for sick people, I thought, "Wow, I cannot do that for the rest of my life."  So I left the program after two years (1/2 way through) - and not alone! Unfortunately, I was not shown the many ways Dietitians can impact the lives of others.  But nutrition has been a big part of my life ever since and I'm constantly learning about new research.... the last few months I've been changing my lifestyle to be 'Clean' - essentially, natural, unprocessed eating.

When I was 30, I completed my CanFit Pro course.  I wanted desperately to make fitness part of my career.  However, when I investigated becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor, the salary could not come near my then salary and I was barely making ends meet as a single mom.  So I gave up on that idea then too.  But fitness was always a big part of my life too.  I danced since I was four, I ran since I was 18, I did yoga off and on since the 90s. I try all kinds of fitness classes and sports... aerobics in the 90s, snowboarding, hiking, skiing, bootcamp, kickboxing, hula hooping... just today I began Kettlebell classes!

So.  Why am I writing all this?  Well, now I'm 42.  And many of my clients need a balance in wellness. And it seems I have been meeting and getting connected with (aka attracting) many like-minded people that are involved with fitness, wellness, and health.

ALSO...... I've been presented with my own health issues for the first time ever.  I've been managing them for a few years now.  The good part of this is that it's given me insight.

Sooooooo...... and here's the kicker..... I asked.  I listened.  And I'm hearing.  I am adding a new coaching service to my business.  It's holistic wellness coaching.

I have known this for quite some time.  However, not having the letters after my name in a health profession blocked me from feeling I had the knowledge and ability to offer this.  But, I'm a good coach.  I'm a good leader.  I can kick butt.  I love this stuff.  And I LOVE seeing people fulfill their dreams and goals in life... in leadership... in holistic health.

This blog - Going Om - has, to date, been about my personal journey after returning home from a year living abroad and having a baby at 40 years old.  Now, it's shifting.  It will be about health and wellness - my personal journey and any stories or knowledge I might have to share to help you on your journey.

PLEASE send questions or comments anytime.  I am embarking on this journey with YOU.