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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life in the Jumble

We have been home from Singapore for almost five months.  Life in the jungle was different but easy in many respects.  I spent afternoons lounging by my pool reading with the sun shining and palm trees swaying in the occasional breeze.  And, although I struggled with culture shock in the beginning, and although I had raging hormones from pregnancy, it was not so hard to be om.

The jungle has turned into a jumble.

Since moving home, I've raised a baby (ongoing of course!), bought and moved into a house, completed some renovations, picked out and bought furniture, purchased a couple of vehicles, got my teenager settled back into her old school, re-bonded with friends, spent time with family, received my Human Resources Professional Certification, had doctor appointments, chiropractor appointments, massage appointments, dentist appointments, baby immunizations, and, yes... two job interviews.  On top of it all, my baby was waking three to six times every night for two months.  And it's about to get busy.

Needless to say, Christmas is around the corner.  There are renovations left to do.  Family coming to visit.  Parties to attend.  Entertaining to do.  A tree to be decorated (I'm one of those that like to do it close to Christmas).  A house to clean.  Gifts to wrap.

And chemo to start.  My soon to be mother-in-law is finally starting her chemo tomorrow.  She's living with us temporarily and I'm sure I've said it before... I'm so happy to be back to be able to provide whatever support we can.

Years ago, all this may have stressed me.  There probably would have been some drama - at least in my head.  In recent years, I learned how to cope and not worry.  One of my coping strategies was to not have a tree.  I didn't cook.  I had a small house to clean.  I had only one child who was grown.  I did not have a partner.  I definitely simplified!

Today, I have the two kids and a partner and a house and a tree and am going to entertain.

Easy, no?

Of course not.  That's why I'm writing about it.  Maybe it should be easy?  But I'm not at that stage of enlightenment.  I do have to remind myself to enjoy the moment.  I stop to take in the cold, winter air when I'm walking or running in it.  I get completely enthralled by baby giggles and bubbles.  I focus on my teen and her friends having the time of their lives and try to contribute if I can (by the way, they bought gifts for women in the women's shelter and delivered them.  They felt fantastic - so did I.).  I listen to my partner when he needs to talk.  I take the time to be with my friends and family.  And I realize that a simplified life isn't about not having the things you want in it.  It's about being able to enjoy the things in your life without cluttering it up with non-important stuff.

So the tree won't be perfectly decorated.  The house won't be in perfect order.  My clothes may not always match (still lucky to get clean with an almost six month old!).  But our first Christmas together will be that - together.  And beautiful.  And fun.

Right now, life is a jumble.  Things are happening fast.  A lot of things are happening.  I have ideas for my blog every day and don't get a chance to write!  But life IS a jumble, isn't it?  My life is a good jumble and I am enjoying the things I CAN get done.  Because I can not get it all done.  And that's OK.

Thank-you to my daughter and soon to be mother-in-law for minding the baby while I write.  Now if only I can fit in a shower....