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Saturday, April 28, 2012

From One Amazing Mom to A Whole Bunch of Others

Today I met up with another 40-something mom  to walk, talk and play (something like stop, drop and roll).  We talked mommy-doms for almost two hours.  This woman is a first time mom in her 40s.  She's a career woman... back to work.  Her little one is super sweet.  She has the same sense of humor she had when she was 20 (we went to school together).  And she's throwing two wonderfully simple birthday parties for her daughter in consideration of differing family needs.  That's one amazing mom.

I have met a few other moms over the past eight months since I've moved home.  One has the absolute cutest baby who was in the top 10 for cutest babies recently.  She is super organized.... like the kind of person that has Christmas completely ready on December 1st (and I swear she did!).  She brings her boy to swimming and the gym and play groups and the great outdoors.  She always has progress photos posted on Facebook for family to see.  She's one amazing mom.

Another mom has managed to use reusable diapers.  She and her baby were stars last week in our local Our Greener Future series (  She's an amazing mom for sure.  I mean, I use local veggies as much as possible and make my own baby food from scratch.... and although I had attempted to use reusable diapers with my first child.... I will admit, I did not even try to use them with the second.

There's another mom too... she's got this uncanny wit and sense of humor that she brings to her blog (A Guide to Surviving Surprise Parenthood  She makes me laugh out loud.  She takes her baby to the museum and the gym and she manages to get spin classes in every week.  She often has play dates arranged.  She also manages to socialize and travel like a 20-something year old since she still is one.  She's one amazing mom.

Speaking of bloggers... my cousin just won an award for one of the top 10 best mommy blogs in Canada (Curtains Are Open  She is a single mom of three kids aged 11-20 who has returned to school full-time.  Need I say more?  She's one amazing mom.

Last week my 18 year old had her prom.  I have wonderfully beautiful mama friends who have stuck it out with me since Kindergarten.  We shared stories and tears last week as we watched our grown up girls with complete pride.  These women have gone through divorces, been single moms, raised the most spectacular kids, had incredible careers, maintained their health, and maintained our friendships.  These women are powerful.  They are amazing moms.

There are so many amazing moms in my life (not to mention my own mom!).  No matter what they are doing, they are so full of love for their kids and an inspiration for me.

When I don't find time for a shower, or I'm too tired to sing songs to my baby, or I can't focus on all the great news my 18 year old is telling me, or I go a whole week without running or walking while pushing the baby in a stroller, or I have frozen pizza for supper (this list is endless)... I don't feel so amazing.  Then I remind myself that my 18  year old is loving, respectful, and considerate and really must have the highest EQ of anyone I know.  And I remember how I raised her on my own (with help from my folks!) for 15 years.  And I am now managing a baby, a teen, a new house, an international move, a beautiful relationship and friendships, while also planning a wedding, and starting a new job... and I'm not going insane!

Then I get my mo-jo back and manage to get a shower.

Seriously though.  Thank-you to all you amazing moms.  You inspire me.