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Thursday, April 4, 2013

When Mama Needs a Mama

A Mom always needs her Mom.  And a Mama sometimes really needs a Mama.

When my daughter was 10 months old, I became a single mom.  I was in that 'state' for 15 years until I met my husband... that's a blog for another time.  Anyway, when my daughter started school, I started to meet other parents.  And over the next few years, a group of Mamas formed.

For me, it all started with Mama CF... she was our inspirational, world-travelling, successful mama.  Then came the birthday parties and Mama ST became an amazing friend.  She always smiled and remembered important dates and called just to say hi.  She still does.  And she delivers baked goods.  Mama KO knew all the news and gathered the troops so the parents all knew each other - the 'connector'.  Mama JA, formerly known as Mama JF, often provided the venue and the nachos... and the medical advice.  Mama AF was younger than me.... she brought youth and craftiness and, in time, adventure... she also attracted male attention to our group:)  We all brought the wine... or Corona... whichever was the preference.  We laughed a lot.  We were silly.  We made hard times easier.

There were more mamas (and a few papas too), and they all brought wonderful energy to our 'support group'.  Over the years we leaned on each other for parenting, divorces, new relationships, camping woes (which always lead to awesome stories later!), emotional breakdowns, celebrations, tire changes, graduations, proms, exams, international moves, science fair projects, over-nights, birthday parties, team sports, concerts, road trips, kids' boyfriends/girlfriends, a lot of firsts.... the list is endless.

Our kids have grown.  They've gone their separate ways.  The mamas have somewhat as well.  A few of us still get together regularly and we throw a Christmas mama brunch or supper each year for everyone.  But our needs have changed...

Errr...  HALT!  THEIR needs have changed!  I now have an almost 2 year old as well as my 19 year old, career investigating, legally partying 'child'.  I'm changing diapers while discussing universities!  Where is THAT manual?  I need some mamas!

I love my Mamas and I probably would have melted into oblivion without them over the years.  And they're still in my life.  But, is there such a support group as mamas with children aged 2-19??

This is a funny, yet amazing, place to be... and sharing it with a few Mamas would really be spectacular.  Terry is a Papa.  A really good Papa.  Actually, an amazing Papa.  But a Mama sometimes needs a Mama.

To all the Mamas.... Namaste