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Friday, November 2, 2012


Photo: NLOWE
Last night I went to the Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE - Awards Gala.  I saw people I hadn't seen in 2 1/2 years (since moving away to Singapore), people I met over the last year (since moving home from Singapore), and new friends and colleagues that I know I was meant to meet.  It was a powerful group of people.  Success surrounded me.

Today I had lunch with two spectacular women.  One I met through work but has become a friend over the years.  The other I met through work as well and we're becoming fast friends.  Success surrounded me again.

All of these women are talented, strong, powerful, inspirational, selfless, giving, and simply amazing.

What struck me last night at the Gala was how eloquent and humble the winners were.  These award winning women ranged from a Young Entrepreneur who has a successful and growing local business called Beautiful Rock (producing 100% natural bath, body and baby products) to the winner of the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award (who also won the Community Impact Award), who has been powerful and driven since her teen years and now owns restaurants and properties and gives back to the community through her commitment and involvement in numerous charities and non-profit organizations.  She brought a tear to my eye with her genuine gratitude towards her family, who anchor her, and her team.  In fact, I also got teary eyed when she warmly told her reason for being involved in one of her charities.

All of the winners had a vision and demonstrated true passion, knowledge, and commitment to their goals.  They are truly an inspiration to look towards when being an entrepreneur gets tough (and it does!).

I can't forget that our female Premier of our Province was the key note speaker... It's true, some thought her speech was too long... but she delivered it with passion from the core of her heart.  I think it's the most real I ever saw her speak.  I say, "Well Done!"  She's the Premier of our Province for crying out loud!!  Not many have the guts to take that on.

Oh and also, I sat at the remarkable women's table for sure!  (I'm sure every table was the same).  I was truly surrounded by visionaries serving the world through politics, business, and helping others.

Today's lunch had no awards, no keynote speaker, no fancy meal or networking event.  But it was just as powerful.  If you can imagine three women who all have the same passion about coaching others, building leaders, and the impact this has on society and in organizations at the same lunch table, with only two hours to 'fit it all in'.... then you have my lunch experience today.  These two women have families, amazing careers in multinational companies, traveling experiences, knowledge that they not only hold but want to share (yahoo for me!), and still act with grace, compassion, and authenticity.  They are remarkable beings with a humorous side.  We talked and listened and laughed and didn't even notice the time fly by.  I can't wait for our next lunch!

How on earth did I find such incredible people to surround me?  If I was my own coach, I'd probably ask me, "Why do you think these people are surrounding you?"  And then I'd say, "I attracted them into my world because it's where I am and want to be."

Thank-you to my amazing friends, old and new, and to NLOWE for creating this space for miracles.