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Monday, June 19, 2017

And, now... BREATHE.....

Have you ever felt the weight of the world was on your shoulders but you just had to keep going for a little longer?  Just long enough to get this project finished.... or the event over.... or the kids finished school.... or... or... or.... And THEN you can relax.

Does it ever really end, though?  I mean, there is always something to be done.  At work.  With our kids.  In our lives.  In our businesses.  It doesn't end until it ends.

I have had a few months of 'busy'.  I try not to use that word and use the word 'full' instead.  It has a more positive perspective to me.  However, I have felt busy.  I am happy that I have a full business and life.  Yet, I have recently been saying... I'll slow down and be able to do *whatever* after May 28th - after my retreat was over.... then it became June 8th - after a big meeting I had planned... and then the date changed to the following week - after some other meetings and workshops.... and then it became after this weekend - after my daughter's birthday party... and now it's at the end of this week - when school is out.

But it isn't then.  I am not going to slow down to breathe at the end of something.  I am in business.  I am in life.  I am all in.

So I am breathing now.... I'm not waiting.

We put things off, don't we?  I know I do.  But taking moments to breathe, to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak, is essential.  Essential to our mental well-being.  Essential to our physical wellness.  Essential to our relationships.  Essential to our productivity.

This morning, as I walked my daughter to her school, almost late again (I've been getting later and later over the past couple of weeks), I did not rush her.  I told her to smell the grass.  To feel the warm air.  And then I told her that if she feels frustrated or sad throughout the day, she can remember that moment.  She was no later for school than if we were rushing and she was resisting - and we both felt better.

Don't wait to breathe.  Don't wait to take a moment with your child.  Don't wait to sit with your employee and ask what they need.  Don't wait to smell the summer air.  Breathe.  Now.  Yeah... Right now.  Pause.... then come back.

Remind yourself that THIS is your life.  Whatever is happening is part of it.  You can allow it or block it.  When you allow it, it flows.  When you block it or resist it, the pressure rises.  It is like a river.  The river flows over the rocks and plants and hills.  However, if a dam is built, the water will rise, and eventually, it will overflow if the dam is not removed.

Do not put up the dam... and if there is already one up, start tearing it down.  Allow each experience to be part of your life.  Breathe, take it in, absorb it, listen, allow it to flow... don't wait to breathe.... to take it in.... be part of what is in front of you.

This is not about escaping your life or your work.  This is about being fully present for it.