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Monday, July 3, 2017

I Have a Bathing Suit and I'm going to Wear It

This post is not a yoga philosophy lesson... but I want to share a little something first.

According to yoga tradition, we have five sheaths of more and more subtle energy bodies. They are called the koshas.  The five sheaths are:

Annamaya kosha - the physical body that is nourished with food; good health results when cared for

Pranamaya kosha - life force or life energy that has a physical form of air / breath; longevity results when cared for

Manomaya kosha - the mind / thought; understanding and control of this kosha eliminates fear

Vijnanamaya kosha - intellect / knowledge and five sensory organs; when there is awareness here, one frees herself of unhealthy thoughts and actions

Anandamaya kosha - bliss / truth; happiness and joy is experienced when cared for

I am not going to go into yoga philosophy.  I would like to be a little lighter for a while... in more ways than one.

I have decided to go on a kosha journey this summer and share it with you on Facebook: Tina's Journey Through the Koshas Summer 2017! Specifically, I'm focusing on my annamaya kosha - my physical body - but there will be mention of the others.  What the hell am I thinking?  I mean, really, why am I sharing this with you?  I've been failing in this area for about 4 years and 9 months... approximately.

In short.... my body is a mess.  I've tried a lot to un-mess it.  But... I fall down 7 times and get up 8.

I still don't know why I'm sharing it with you.  I'm a sucker for punishment???

Well, maybe I do.  I'm trying something different.  I've tried a lot of things to get back in shape.... I've done a lot of therapeutic things and I've joined groups and challenges.  None of these things have worked long-term to date (although I've had small successes and the people I've met along the way have been awesome).  So here I am.  Sharing all my woes and failures... and successes - sweet lord I hope I have some... with you.  It is probably not going to be pretty, but it will be real.

Part of this journey is to find truth... so this is not a time for covering up, right?  I may succeed.  And I may not.  I'm not making any promises.  But I promise to be honest about my experiences.

Let's begin.

OK... I'm going on a vacation in mid-August.  That gives me seven weeks to my goal.  A goal... I hadn't thought of that before writing.  I'm not sure I even want a goal.  I just want to feel good in my body... and my clothes.  OK.. that's my goal.  Because I will have a lot of photos on this vacation and I want to look at them in years to come and say, "I was pretty damn sexy when I was 47 years old! Not as sexy as 67, but not bad."

Goal - check.

I remember shopping for bikinis for Costa Rica a few years ago and I was like a fish out of water.  I didn't have a clue how to buy one.  I ended up buying six... sort of... I had all these tops and bottoms and some matched.... I ended up wearing only two... mostly under other clothing.  What is it with bikinis?  Hanging on a beach in a bikini is not my thing.  You know those photos that a bunch of people are standing on a beach in their bikinis with the gorgeous ocean behind them and soft sand surrounding their feet?  They all have their arms around each other and you can feel their carefree-ness and they are smiling and they look fabulous no matter what their body shape is and they are confident and sunkissed?  Yeah... that will probably never be me.... unless this little challenge I'm giving myself turns into some sort of lifelong passion.... which likely won't because I'm actually quite a private person... the idea of putting this particular journey out there is incredibly uncomfortable.... which is why it may be a huge success... or a huge flop!

Anyway, this time I need a full bathing suit - one that I don't have to pull up over my cleavage every three seconds.  Because.... I'm going swimming.  Low impact, full body, build your courage kind of activity.  I have never been OK wearing a bathing suit.  I do not take my kids swimming if I have to get in the pool.  This is such a huge deal for me that if all I do this whole summer is to be OK going swimming in a public pool with a bathing suit on, I have just overcome a lifelong fear and I'm ok with that.  Be prepared for crazy posts.  I think.  You may never actually see me in a bathing suit though. That would be a bit too much for seven weeks.

Bathing suit - check.

I'm ready to begin.  I'll be posting on Facebook: Tina's Journey Through the Koshas Summer 2017 to make it easier to follow me and hear your stories. I'm hoping to receive some motivation from you.... and maybe I'll inspire someone to start taking care of their koshas too.

Here goes......

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